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Tent Lighting

Are you planning an evening tent event? Contact Indestructo Party Rental at (847) 375-8510 to help plan your event. Our professionally installed lighting adds magic, mood and function to your tent. You will be amazed how a tent can be bathed in warm, rich colors, with focused light pinpointed on the details that matter the most. Combine lighting options to make a dramatic statement. Dimmer switches can be used to control the amount of light at your event.

Par Lighting is the most popular option and works well for any event. It resembles a theatrical style can fixture that can either point up towards your tent ceiling or down to illuminate areas within your event. It is generally the best source for up-lighting.

Up-lighting cans are placed on poles around the perimeter of the tent or affixed to tent poles. This provides a dramatic effect for any occasion by bouncing reflective light off the tent ceiling.

Pin Spots pointing down are a popular way to highlight an elegant centerpiece or display or to illuminate food stations or bars.

Adding colored gels splashes your tent with different colors creating a soft elegant mood. Project a shape, pattern, logo or monogram onto the tent ceiling or dance floor by adding a gobo which is a stencil over a light fixture.

Globe Lights are the most economical lighting option. They provide simple, functional lighting in any tent, creating a fun, casual look.

Café String Lights create a European café ambience under your tent. Use as many or as few strands as you need to enhance your event.

Paper Lanterns are light weight light fixtures that can be easily suspended from the ceiling of a tent. Large paper lanterns work well to fill up a large tent space. White paper lanterns provide a crisp wedding like atmosphere. Brightly colored paper lanterns offer a fun festive look.

Chandeliers are available in several colors and a variety of sizes to complement any tent size. Styles range from elegant with crystal beads, prisms and lamp shades to a very simple stated sophistication.

Large Festival Tent Lighting options include Cage Lights and Bracket Lights.

Outdoor Lighting

Cafe String Lights can be used outside your tent to create an outdoor cafe atmosphere. 

Landscape Lighting are grounded instruments placed under trees and landscaping that mystify property grounds.

Lamp Posts are 6’ tall white street lights with 4 globe lights that add a functional fun look to decks and patios that have limited lighting and create additional areas for guests to mingle.

Tower Lights with a self-contained generator can illuminate a large outdoor area.

"We were so pleased with everything that we rented!! Everything was like new and looked so great. We had so many complements from our guests saying that it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to. You made our wedding so unique and it was a day we will never forget. I cannot thank you enough for all the work you did to make our day perfect!!"

- Amanda

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