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Tent Liners, Swags and Leg Drapes

Do you need that little extra at the top of your tent? Accent your event with a tent liner, tent swags or leg drapes. Liners add a finishing touch of sophistication and elegance to any event. They are used as a stylish way to hide unsightly framework or just soften the atmosphere with soft pillowed fabric.

When the cost of tent liners is not in the budget, pole cover sleeves are an excellent solution for softening and hiding tent poles and braces. Leg Drapes are the perfect finishing touch to add elegance to your tent. Random swags of fabric can add color to a tent or divide a tent into areas.

Add drama and elegance by combining different types of decorative lighting, liners, swags and drapes. The right combination makes the tent enchanting.

"The tent worked out beautifully. It looked lovely in my yard-I wish I could keep one up all year! It added a lot to our graduation party. The employees who set up the tent and took it down were professional and nice."

- Denise

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