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Dance Floors & Tent Floors

Everyone loves to dance! Have fun while dancing the Conga, Macarena or the Electric Slide. Why not include a dance floor in your plans and watch your event get exciting! Modular design means you can have the size that fits your party best. Dance floors are available in oak parquet, or vinyl colored in white, black or black & white combination. Edges are finished with beveled trim. They can be used indoor and outdoor and are leveled to accommodate any terrain.

Wood Floors

The ideal tent floor is constructed with substructure beams and plywood to level out uneven surfaces. This allows a absolutely firm surface for carpet or wood floor installation and protects the floor from the elements.

Raised & Leveled Wood Floors

Raised and leveled wood floors are used to provide a perfectly level event surface and can correct sloped ground. Perimeter safety decorative cedar railing is an option for tall elevated floors.

Floor Coverings

Leveled plywood floors can be covered with astroturf, custom colored carpet or hardwood. This is a great way to enhance a tent. Carpet runners are 3’ widths and are bound on all sides. They are available in red and black or can be ordered in any color or size. Vinyl floor coverings can protect a gymnasium floor if your event is inside.  Contact us at (847) 375-8510 to speak to one of our experienced event planners to help select the floor that is right for you.

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