Our professionally installed lighting adds magic, mood and function to your tent. You will be amazed how a tent can be bathed in warm, rich colors, with focused light pinpointed on the details that matter the most.

• Indirect Lighting is affixed onto tent poles and is generally the best source for effectively uplighting with a reflective bounce off the ceiling for a festival tent.

• Par Lighting resembles a theatrical style can/track fixture. They are placed around the perimeter of a tent and have the ability to upload color, texture and designs to create a soft elegant mood.

• Chandeliers are available in several colors and a variety of sizes to complement any tent size. Styles range from elegant with crystal beads, prisms and lamp shades to a very simple stated sophistication.

• Mini-Italian Lights offer a twinkle starlight effect through a tent ceiling.

• Fabric Ceiling Backlit with mini lights provide a very dramatic look.

• Paper Lanterns are available in white and provide a crisp wedding like atmosphere. Brightly colored paper lanterns offer a fun festive look. Lanterns can be lighted or unlit.

• Globe Lights provide simple, functional lighting in any tent and create a fun, casual look.

• Landscape Lighting are grounded instruments placed under trees and landscaping that mystify property grounds.

• Lamp Posts are 6’ tall white street lights with 4 globe lights that add a functional fun look to decks and patios that have limited lighting and create additional areas for guests to mingle.

• Pin Spots are a popular feature to highlight an elegant centerpiece or display or illuminate food stations or bars.

• Project a monogram or pattern onto the tent ceiling or dance floor. Add color to generate excitement.

• Tower Lights with self-contained generator illuminates large outdoor areas.

When you really want to make a statement, add drama and elegance with decorative lighting. Many more decorative lighting options are available.
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